My name is Madhuri Rao. I am a high-achieving corporate executive and mother.

My entire professional life, I have excelled. With my MBA in hand, I climbed the corporate ladder, ultimately becoming a CFO. I led teams of highly-achieving professionals. I did this while raising two amazing daughters. I took care of everyone and everything—except myself. I didn’t have time to relax and recharge.

That is, until I completely broke down. I was sick. I couldn’t focus. My life was falling apart around me and I didn’t have the stamina to fix it. For someone who is completely in charge and able to fix anything, that was not acceptable.

But I couldn’t will my way through it. My body and soul had had enough.

So I did something radical for me: I went on a silent retreat to find myself again.

It changed everything. I had a new perspective on life. I was a more engage mother and leader. Life got easier, and I wanted more of that.

I looked for local retreats where I could go away for a weekend and reconnect with my mind, body, and soul. There were none. There were plenty of retreats in Bali, and they looked amazing. But I knew in my heart that taking four weekends for self-care in a year was more beneficial than taking one week in Bali every five years.

Meaningful soul transformation is a daily ritual. I couldn’t find what I, as a high-powered professional mother needed. So I created it.

SoulPeace is for us. The women who have achieved everything we are supposed to, and have the radical belief there is more. This is the place to come together and create the community we need to have the life of peace and joy we crave.

I am still a high-achieving corporate executive. My daughters are a little older, but they’re still my babies. I now lead mediations and yoga Nidra classes. And I look forward to every single Soul Peace event.

Welcome to the Peace Tribe. I’m happy you’re here.